Curtis Linton, SLC District 3

Curtis Linton, SLC District 3

SLC Schools: Excellence through Equal Opportunity

For over twenty years, I have studied educational equity across the nation--what it is, what it looks like, and what schools need to do to guarantee equal educational opportunity and outcomes for each and every student. Equity is the process and equality is the outcome that serves the needs of all students within their unique and diverse identities. As a school board candidate, I propose 4 Points of Excellence through Equal Opportunity for Salt Lake City School District:

1. Aligning of Resources to Student Needs: Beginning today, we need to embrace the district’s shrinking enrollment as an opportunity to align resources with student needs across the city so that a student’s zip code is no longer code for educational excellence, or the lack thereof.

2. School-by-School Innovation: At each campus district-wide we can empower innovation so as to create neighborhood-based schools that engage students with rigorous hands-on learning, provide choice within the learning rather than just choice between schools, and build truly welcoming environments that honor and support the unique needs of each and every student, inclusive of their various identities and diversities.

3. College & Career Readiness: Governed by Utah's innovative Portrait of a Graduate, we need to shift our focus from simply credit-based graduation to true college and career preparation through district-wide concurrent enrollment so that every student has attained at least their general ed certificate or a professional certification by the time they finish high school.

4. Invest in our Teachers! Rather than recruiting teachers far and wide, we should become the district where teachers most want to work by providing not only the best pay and benefits, but a real investment in the career development of our educators through multi-year teacher apprenticeships, graduate study support, coaching, teaming, planning time, and no salary penalties when great teachers choose to stay in the classroom.

Please vote for me for School Board 3 so that together we can provide equal opportunity and excellence to all our wonderfully diverse Salt Lake City students!