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Administrative Costs in Utah Schools

Virtually every discussion about the cost of public schooling includes the notion that too much money is spent on administrative costs. The question is raised, “Why not divert this money to instructional budgets?”

Unfortunately, there is a great deal of misinformation that surrounds the topic of administrative costs. Following are a few data points that can contribute to this discussion.

The role of an Administrator in k-12 schools is complex and would equate to that of a high-level executive in a private company.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the effective operation of an educational organization requires competent oversight and management. School administrators provide direction, leadership, and day-to-day management of policies and practices that advance student learning and success. School leaders/administrators are vital to an efficient and effective educational system.

Utah's spending on k-12 administrators is well-below national averages.

Utah’s Office of the Legislative Auditor General issued a report in June 2022. Utah spending on administrative costs when compared to other states is “lean” ranking 41; 9th lowest in the nation at 8.8%.

Utah's general and school administration translates to 46% and 30% below national averages, respectively.

The National Center for Educational Statistics has published these data

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