Candidate Network - Karen Pedersen, Canyons School District, District 5

Karen Pedersen is running for Canyons School District, District 5, she is a member of our Network of Allies for Public Education.

website: Karen4CanyonsSchoolBoard


Meet Karen Pedersen

I am asked why I am running for school board. Three main reasons:

Experience. I have practical, experiential knowledge of how decisions can impact students, educators, and parents.

Voice. I want to ensure that every family feels welcomed and included as a partner in their child’s education. I want to be a new voice on the board.

Retention. I will work to help provide social and emotional health support for not only students - but for all educators as well.


Karen Pedersen, 2021 Teacher of the Year, Willow Canyon Elementary.

"Karen Pedersen has a true love of teaching—and it definitely shows. It’s also evident that this wonderful woman truly loves her students and helping them grow. Karen has been called “an advocate” for students and teachers because she does whatever she can to help them achieve the best result, using her positive influence and wealth of experience. Though she’s been honing her craft of sharpening the minds of youth for 40 years, Karen is always open to feedback, growth and change. This is another example of her heart being in the right place—there for students, teachers, and staff. Colleagues love her “Let’s do it” attitude she has when implementing new ideas that are in the students’ best interest. It’s heartwarming to see her provide a great learning environment and devote time and resources to encourage and enlighten the special education students in the extended core program to reach their full potential. She’s held many positions over the years in an effort to improve Willow Canyon and currently serves as Canyons Education Association vice president. As one colleague put it, “She is a good listener and cares for others. She considers us a family and is there for everyone.” Please join us in applauding Karen Pedersen for being named Willow Canyon’s 2021 Teacher of the Year." - Canyons School District, 2021