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Pick-Me-Up #keepgoing

Raise Your Hand Utah has core beliefs about students, families, and the adults who serve them in schools; these beliefs push us to do better and be better when interacting with others. It is inevitable that each and every one of us will have challenges and down days, not everything goes how we think it should. When feeling down, kind words can go a long way to pick us up.

Recently, we came across the PepToc Hotline at West Side Elementary, a K-6 public school in rural Healdsburg, California.

a. Featuring pre-recorded life advice and encouraging messages from elementary-age students. This hotline is exactly the kind of light we need as we navigate global tragedies and the challenges inherent to modern life.

What a creative example of adults employing brilliant thinking to model and teach courage, compassion, empathy, and civility. Check it out!




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