Primary Election - June 2022

Updated: May 26

Few government bodies impact day-to-day lives as much as local school boards. Yet, many people do not know who represents them at the state or local level.

With primary ballots going out as early as June 7th, we encourage voters to prioritize learning about their local and state school board candidates. You may want to know their motivation for running, their vision for community engagement, how they intend to carry out the responsibilities, and how they plan to be accountable to families, schools, and the communities they represent.

Why are your running for the school board?

What kind of relationship will you have with the local community? How do you plan to cultivate relationships that are representative of the students your district and precinct serve?

How will you measure the achievement of the school board's goals and objectives? How will you ensure that goals consider each and every student, including those who have historically been underserved? How will you assess the impact of board goals on historically underserved communities?

How should the board prioritize issues? How will you ensure that the board has adequate input from stakeholders before making decisions?

What is your stance on the role of school board members in advocacy? What issues are important to you? How have you and how do you plan to express your advocacy?

What are some pressing issues in education for the school board? What are your stances on these issues?

What board responsibilities do you prioritize? How would you ensure the board prioritizes these resp


How would you emphasize inclusion, access, and equity of voice on the school board? In the district? How would you ensure a safe and inclusive district for each and every student and family, from the whole district to the school and classroom level?