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Small Acts, Big Impact

We are committed to widespread community engagement as a lever to change the odds for Utah children and youth. Fortunately, we are not alone in this work; many long-standing non-profits, community organizations, religious groups, and civically-minded people share our belief that quality public schools require adults to work together in courageous, compassionate, empathetic, smart, civil, and strategic ways.

For example - Mormon Women for Ethical Government

Raise Your Hand Utah board members Kim Horiuchi and Hollie Pettersson will be at the MWEG upcoming spring conference. We would love to see you there, too!

Small Acts, Big Impact: The Transformational Power of Women Working Together

Saturday, March 26th

Virtually and In-Person (UVU)

Register here

If the cost ($85 for in-person, $35 for virtual) may prohibit you from participating - apply for a scholarship by emailing

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