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When schools aren't the central business of school boards....

Raise Your Hand Utah's Board of Directors believes that:

non-partisan elected school boards should focus on students, and carefully consider the attention and time they give political issues that may unduly distract from board focus on student success and wellbeing

As we get closer to general elections, we encourage voters to seek out candidates who understand that the business of school boards should be focused first and foremost on the needs of students and their families. To serve students well, boards must be willing to cut through the divisive political noise and listen to the needs of students, families, teachers, and principals.

As the linked article states:

"School-board meetings do not have a reputation for excitement. But since the early days of the pandemic, school boards have become the center of some of the most explosive fights in American life—over book bans, mask and vaccine requirements, and how and whether the history of racism is taught. The cost of these fights is immense: The basic functioning of one of the workhorses of the American system—an institution whose thankless and typically invisible work powers the country’s schools—is impossible when it is swept up in the nation’s divisive politics." --Adam Harris, The Atlantic (April 27, 2022)

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