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Sarah Reale

USBE District 5

As a member of the Utah State Board of Education, I believe my most critical role would be to collaborate. I pride myself on being a collaborator, a connector, and a good teammate. I also don’t back down from a challenge, and have the ability to visualize the big picture. I think the best public servant is one who can be a good listener, a collaborator, an innovator, altruistic, who does what is right for the state as a whole, but also advocates for their district.

Technology, Computer Science, and Digital Get Down!

I have created viral campaigns, built social media channels, produced YouTube campaigns, and redesigned websites to fit the changing digital world in which we live, which is why I also have a passion for creating a sustainable digital infrastructure in our schools.

I value the importance of proper market research, surveys, and data analysis in making decisions. Data should inform our decision making, along with information from our constituents, economics, and projections. I will bring my analytical rigor and spirit of collaboration to the table before making decisions that will positively impact our students.

Sarah Reale
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