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School Boards Matter

IF you believe, like we do, that the hallmark of American democracy is the common school, a public school that is free of cost and fully accessible to every child who lives in the United States of America, and that it, therefore, deserves the very best leadership and support we can give to it

THEN now is the time to pay attention to school board elections and get to know who wants to represent you

As a grassroots, non-partisan, not-for-profit organization, Raise Your Hand Utah is working to change the odds for each and every Utah student through widespread community engagement. We are advocates for Utah's children and youth. We encourage potential voters to learn about candidates for local and state school boards now.

Membership in our network of school board candidates and other allies for public education is open to any interested person. The only requirements are to:

  1. Agree to uphold our core beliefs about children & youth, families & educators, and school boards & other public leaders.

  2. Commit to communication norms that call people in and increase civil, courageous, and empathetic dialogue In preparation for upcoming elections, we encourage voters to learn about candidates in their community.

To learn about the network and consider joining, check us out at:


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