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YOUR local school board...

Some of the most involved members of our community pay little to no attention to school board elections and may not know who represents them.

Those few people who sit on your local school board are important decision-makers in your community. They hire the superintendent, develop and oversee budgets, set the school calendar, and analyze progress on various measures, all of which play a significant role in how effectively and efficiently local schools serve students. They work closely with district leadership to ensure schools are running smoothly and that teachers and students get the resources they need. They deal with controversy, seek solutions to problems, and help the community come together around what matters most: making sure all young people get the education they need for the future—an excellent education, second to none.

School boards are nothing less than the governing body of a school district. They are the bosses’ bosses representing the public interest, and to this extent, they should serve the diverse values and needs of their community.

Check out BALLOTPEDIA’s interactive website to learn more about how your local school district serves students.


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