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RYH UT Board in the News

As part of Black History Month, one of our favorite local advocates for education, the United Way of Salt Lake highlighted to Black educators - Forrest Crawford and Raise Your Hand Utah Board Member Sheryl Ellsworth. We are honored to have Sheryl on our board of directors, she has much expertise and an unwavering commitment to each and every student.


Forrest Crawford and Sheryl Ellsworth Share their Stories of Being Educators in Utah

Join United Way of Salt Lake as we engage in a series of conversations with some of the inspiring Black Utahns committed to making a difference in our state.

Forrest Crawford and Sheryl Ellsworth were both Utah educators at different times, with different backgrounds, and drastically different careers. They honed their skills as educators in different places across the U.S. (and the world), and taught students of very different ages. Besides their presence in Utah, it’s hard to find much in common in the careers of Crawford and Ellsworth, which makes their incredibly similar conclusions about the role of educators in a community even more interesting.

The full conversation can be found here.


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